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PamLab Design and Engineering

About PamLab

PamLab Design and Engineering specializes in product design and engineering consulting services with a particular focus on participatory design and technology for social impact. Leveraging a network of professionals in diverse fields - engineering, design research, community development and the humanitarian sector - PamLab develops innovative solutions to complex and interdisciplinary challenges. 

Participatory Design, Co-creation and Community-Based Solutions

We believe that user and stakeholder participation throughout the design process contributes to developing more adequate solutions and achieving project ownership, higher technology adoption, and long term project sustainability. Furthermore, active and inclusive local leadership is necessary in community-based innovation projects in order to avoid perpetuating the inequities that for too long have made our communities more vulnerable.

Innovation for Community Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change effects - such as coastal erosion and more frequent floods, droughts, and severe weather - disproportionately impact impoverished and vulnerable populations. As we urgently address these risks, climate justice must be prioritized. PamLab works with communities to identify climate threats and co-develop appropriate technology solutions that support mitigation, adaptation and community resilience.

Design for Sustainability

As we practice creative problem solving and develop innovative  technology, we may inadvertently contribute to environmental stress. From the extraction of non-renewable materials, to generating air and water pollution, to the excessive creation of waste, the development of new products can add heavy loads to an already burdened planet. For this reason, we consider life-cycle impacts and opportunities for circularity in our design process.

Our Philosophy


PamLab Design and Engineering


PamLab offers engineering services to support different stages of your design process. This includes concept development, Computer Aided Design (CAD), modeling and analysis, and rapid prototyping. We focus on developing low-cost, appropriate technology and hardware for resource-constrained scenarios. Our design approach takes special considerations to promote design for sustainability and circularity.

PamLab Design and Engineering


PamLab Design and Engineering walks you through different stages of the design process in order to go from challenge to tangible solution. We offer design workshop facilitation services, which include curriculum development, workshop preparation, and virtual or in-person facilitation. Every workshop is catered to your audience and design objectives. At PamLab, we specialize in participatory design and co-creation processes, aiming for higher adoption and project ownership by involving users and stakeholders.

PamLab Design and Engineering


PamLab Design and Engineering welcomes the opportunity to share expertise and recommendations on co-creative processes, community-centered engineering, community resilience and product design for the circular economy.

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